Crispy Shredded Chicken In Sweet Chilly Sauce

  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 60m


  • 2 Chicken breasts cut into strips.
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 2 Beaten Eggs
  • 25g of Plain Flour
  • 25ml rice vinegar / apple cider vinegar
  • 1 TBsp of sweetener
  • 1/2 Tsp fresh ginger root minced
  • 1/2 Tsp garlic minced
  • 1 - 2 Tsp fresh hot chilli pepper minced
  • 2 Tsp of Tomato puree
  • 1 Red / Green Pepper
  • Smoked Paprika
  • 25g Potato Smash


Step 1

Cut 2 chicken breasts into strips, as thin as you can.

Step 2

Add some rock salt, black pepper, 2 beaten eggs, 25g plain flour & 25g of Smash into a bowl.

Step 3

Mix into a batter and coat the chicken.

Step 4

Thinly slice some peppers (about a handful).

Step 5

Spray a frying pan with frylite or equivalent healthy oil.
Add the chicken & stir fry to obtain the correct crispness.

Step 6

Once almost cooked add the peppers. Toss through untill the chicken is crispy and golden.

Step 7

Making the sweet chilli.
Simmer together, 120ml water, 25ml rice vinegar, 1 tbsp sweetener, 1/2 tsp fresh ginger root minced, 1/2 teaspoon garlic minced, 2 teaspoons fresh hot chilli pepper minced, 2 teaspoons tomato puree & a slight dusting of smoked paprika. Simmer for about ten minutes until desired consistency reached.

Step 8

Allow to reduce a little then cool before serving.

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Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Elizabeth on 10/09/2015

    Hi! How do I ‘print’ a copy of this recipe Thank You

  2. posted by Elizabeth on 10/09/2015

    Oop’s Just noticed little print sign.

  3. posted by Wendy on 12/09/2015

    This us tea tonight thank you xx

  4. posted by Kim on 18/09/2015

    How many syns in the crispy shredded chicken please

    • posted by Blaise on 13/02/2016

      The only thing not free or speed is the Flour so just syn that. X

      • posted by Fresh on 21/02/2016

        Thanks Blaise, im sure it could be substituted for smash but I prefer the flour personally. Thanks for the feedback though.

        • posted by Amanda on 06/03/2016

          I think you will find that Slimming World advice is that if you used Smash not flour it would still have to be ‘synned’ as you aren’t using the Smash as intended.
          Recipe sounds great – will give it a try for my next Chinese ‘takeaway’ night!

          • posted by Therese on 06/04/2016

            You can use 50g of smash without syning it

  5. posted by Mireille on 19/09/2015

    This sound delicious! How many syns do you count for the recipe? Thanks,

  6. posted by Heather beggs on 19/09/2015

    Really loved this dish have passed it on to my friends

  7. posted by betty morgan on 19/09/2015

    I shall be passing this receipt on to family and friends it is really worth a lot of passing on

  8. posted by Eileen woodley on 20/09/2015

    How many sins in this please ?

    • posted by Fresh on 26/09/2015

      Hi Eileen i believe its 4 Syns.

      • posted by Fern on 02/01/2016

        Hi is it 4 syns for whole recipe?

        • posted by Fresh on 04/01/2016

          Hi Fern,

          Yes its only 4 Syns for the whole recipe.


  9. posted by Rita on 28/09/2015

    This looks so good! I have to try it! What kind of sweetener do you use?

    • posted by Fresh on 14/10/2015

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I use Canderel.

  10. posted by Lesley on 14/10/2015

    What would you serve this with please, ideas xx

    • posted by Fresh on 14/10/2015

      Personally I think it goes really well with rice. But its really up to you. Enjoy. x

  11. posted by Phyllis Joyce on 17/10/2015

    Made this tonight. Was lovely.

    • posted by Fresh on 20/12/2015

      Thanks Phyllis, glad you enjoyed it.

  12. posted by Brenda. on 20/10/2015

    This looks good going to make it for my partners birthday he just loves chicken lol . Thanks very much.

  13. posted by Angie on 02/11/2015

    Could you use ready made chilli sauce instead?

    • posted by Fresh on 20/12/2015

      Hi Angie. Yes of course, as the website states its HandyFood so we don’t mind cheating to make it handy. Although it wont be as healthy.

  14. posted by Mary on 27/12/2015

    Hi quick question what do you call a medium heat? Thanks really looking forward to making it, it looks lovely thanks

    • posted by Fresh on 04/01/2016

      Hi Mary,

      Medium would be roughly half way on the dial for me (about 180°C) but may be different for you.
      What your aiming for is a nice simmer so that it doesn’t burn but slowly cooks.
      Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know how you get on.

      Happy new year.

  15. posted by Maria on 06/01/2016

    Does the chilli, garlic, ginger have to be minced.

    • posted by Fresh on 22/01/2016

      Yes or if you prefer it in larger pieces that’s up to you, its all about the flavor.

  16. posted by lew on 15/01/2016

    I’m doing with beef,tonight let you know how i get on.

  17. posted by Lynn on 15/01/2016

    Made this for the first time this eve. Sauce was fantastic but my batter didn’t crisp the chicken. I followed the recipe to the letter. Where did I go wrong ???

    • posted by Fresh on 22/01/2016

      Hi Lynn, to crisp the batter it should be fried in the pan along with the peppers, apologies I will update the steps.

  18. posted by Lucy mcmichael on 17/01/2016

    Definitely cooking this tonight. Cooked quite a lot of execellent recipes from slimming world

  19. posted by Lucy mcmichael on 17/01/2016

    Definitely cooking this tonight. Cooked quite a lot of execellent recipes from slimming world

  20. posted by Mary on 20/01/2016

    Have just cooked this dish. Followed instructions and it turned out really bad.
    The chicken was very dried up and the strips stuck together as the batter spread out in the oven.
    I now see from the comments that you suggest it should be cooked at a simmer? In the oven?! In a wok maybe!
    The picture of finished dish looks delicious and has obviously been cooked by deep frying to get it like that and cannot possibly be the recipe that is cooked on a baking tray in the oven .

    • posted by Fresh on 22/01/2016

      Hi Mary,

      The chicken should be shallow fried on the pan using a healthy oil to get the golden color along with the peppers.

  21. posted by Jen on 28/01/2016

    Just made this for dinner tonight. Apart from adding a few additional veggies (finely sliced onion and some sliced mushrooms), I followed this to the letter. Perfect instructions, works a dream. I had wondered if I would need to add a little extra oil to cope with the batter but it didn’t need it at all.
    I can see this becoming a regular addition to the family meals. Thank you for sharing!

    • posted by Fresh on 01/02/2016

      Hi Jen glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the feedback.

    • posted by Nancy on 20/06/2017

      What are the amounts in ounces, and what is potato smash?

  22. posted by Elayne on 03/02/2016

    Just made this and it was lovely. Just wondering how you get the batter crispier? Should I fry it at a higher heat maybe or just for lon get? My sauce was a little runny but I think I didn’t let it simmer enough (I was too hungry and impatient to wait). Great recipe and east to follow. I will definitely make this again.

  23. posted by sarah on 08/02/2016

    Hi really thick question how long does the chicken take to cook. Thanks

    • posted by Fresh on 21/02/2016

      Hi Sarah, it really depends on the size of the pieces ect.. the best way to check is to cook the pieces until golden brown. Cut through a few of the thickest ones and see if they are white all of the way through. Because they are thinly sliced they should only take a couple of minutes.

  24. posted by Anne Howells on 10/02/2016

    perhaps I’m being dense, but not sure whether chicken breasts to be sliced thinly are raw or cooked??

    • posted by Fresh on 21/02/2016

      Hi Anne, they are raw as they will be cooked when you fry them.

  25. posted by Ashley on 14/02/2016

    Loved this recipe!! Was so easy to do for someone like me that does not cook!
    Will be doing this again.

    • posted by Fresh on 21/02/2016

      Glad you enjoyed it Ashley thanks for the feedback.

  26. posted by Kat on 29/02/2016

    I am always looking for new recipes and this one caught my eye as it’s slimming world friendly! I certainly couldn’t get it to look like the picture( i think that would only be achievable if you fried in more oil) but it was very tasty and we really enjoyed it! I will be making it again

  27. posted by JOANNE on 13/03/2016

    What does minced mean plz
    Looks lovely

  28. posted by Jon on 14/03/2016

    Just a suggestion that works for me is to partially freeze the chicken or time your slicing if the chicken is coming out of the freezer, slice the chicken while it is still partially frozen. It’s much easier to get smaller pieces.

    • posted by Fresh on 02/04/2016

      Great tip thanks for the suggestion.

  29. posted by Ruth Millner on 14/03/2016

    Saw this and made it for tea. Delicious and enjoyed by even the fussy eater! My batter was a bit pancakes but tasty, I added extra chilli and made it a bit too spicy! I served it with noodles and sweet corn.

  30. posted by Alicia on 25/05/2016

    I tried this wish I could post a picture … I did it the slimming world way and although it did not look as crispy as yours, it was very crispy & delicious … I only had apple cider vinegar in at the time so used that but just a bit less as its quite tangy …. thanks again for the recipe

  31. posted by Mrron on 30/08/2016

    This sounds like a really nice recipe and one that I would like to try.. just one question and I hope it’s not a silly one as I have read all the positive reviews and nobody has asked.. what sweetener do you use?

    • posted by Fresh on 11/09/2016

      Hi, sorry for the delayed response. There are any amount of them to choose from. I use Splenda but any sweetener that’s ok for cooking will do its all down to taste. Enjoy.

  32. posted by Nick Fesmer on 21/09/2016

    What exactly is the “sweetener”? Is it just the ordinary little white sweetener tablet like pills you get in one of those dispensers?
    If yes, what do you do with them – do you dissolve them in 2 TBspns of water? If yes, how many sweetener “pills” do I use?
    Can you explain the “sweetener” bit a bit better?

  33. posted by Kim on 27/10/2016

    Hi I am sorry to ask this again. The syns… Is it 4 per portion (totally 8 in the whole dish) or 4 in the whole dish? . Thanks, it was delicious.

  34. posted by Chloe on 29/12/2016

    Do u make the potato smash or just use the powder

    • posted by Fresh on 19/09/2017

      Sorry for the delayed response. You just use the powder. :)

  35. posted by Victoria rh on 03/02/2017

    Hi, I’ve just tried this and ended up with scrambled eggs and chicken. I followed the recipe exactly. Can anyone off any ideas to what I did wrong?

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